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Basic Red Dot Pole Bending System-Waterproof, Indoor

Basic Red Dot Pole Bending System-Waterproof, Indoor

SKU: 0005

Your tractor driver can whistle Dixie as he drives straight down your pole bending pattern without concern for pulling a pole bending stake.  This system is perfect for facilities where sprinklers or blowing rain could cause your lasers to get wet.  If bright sunshine is an issue, consider our waterproof green dot lasers.  You'll love how quickly your events take place when you never have to dodge or look for stakes!


    This pole bending system comes with six waterproof red dot lasers, six swivel mounts, two adapters and installation instructions.  Please choose an option for steel beams or wood rafters so you receive the best bases for your swivel mounts.  All you need to provide is inexpensive low voltage wire available at your local home improvement store.  We like 2-wire thermostat wire or door bell wire.  Speaker wire works too!


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