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Is everything I need included in the system?

Detailed installation instructions are included with your system.   Wire for indoor systems will need to be purchased.  You may also need to purchase high quality AA batteries for portable systems. 

What is the difference between red dot and green dot lasers?

Red dot lasers are visible indoors and well-shaded areas.  In sunlight, a red laser dot is present, but nearly impossible to see.  Green dot lasers sizzle indoors, and are highly visible outdoors.  Technically, the difference is the wavelength of the light. 

Are the lasers in these systems dangerous?

There is a risk of injury to eyes that is very small when this class of lasers is used responsibly. The natural body motion of a person that might be exposed makes it difficult to expose the eyes for a long

period of time.  People also have a natural aversion to bright lights and are likely to close their

eyes and turn their heads if exposed.  Avoid direct exposure to laser beams and NEVER stare

into the aperture (opening) of a laser.

Will I need an electrician to install my laser system?

For your safety,  a qualified electrician with a lift or boom truck is recommended to install overhead laser systems.  Improper installation may cause your lasers to burn out immediately or prematurely and voids our guarantee. NEVER run full current to our lasers. Use adapters supplied.

Our indoor/outdoor side mounting systems do not require an electrician to install them.  Follow directions and be sure to use supplied adapters  or batteries that we recommend. 

How far away can I install a laser system and still see a bright dot?

The farther a laser beam travels, the larger the beam becomes.  Our lasers are set at about 1/4" at close range. At 65 feet, our laser dot will still be bright and less than a half inch around.

Our outdoor barrel racing systems require a red dot to be positioned over a green dot. We recommend that dual laser bars be installed no more than 50 feet from a barrel.

How much power is required to run an electric system?

Electric systems require regular 110 V electricity powered down by the adapter we supply.  NEVER run full current to a laser.  It will be ruined and void our guarantee.

What batteries will I need for a battery operated system?

You will need two high quality alkaline or lithium AA batteries per laser.  We recommend a name brand battery.  (Avoid batteries labeled General Purpose or Heavy Duty.) Do not mix fresh and used batteries.

How often should I change batteries in my system?

Fresh Alkaline AA batteries provide sufficient power for 8-10 total hours and Lithium AA batteries need replaced after 10-12 total hours of use.   You'll use fewer batteries if you turn lasers off when not being used. 

Do not wait until lasers start to dim before you change batteries.  If you notice dimming, change batteries immediately. Operating a laser with insufficient or too much battery power will shorten it's life.

What about temperature changes?

Our lasers are manufactured for operating temperatures from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and can be stored at -40 to 176 degrees.  

Can you customize a system for our facility or association?

We'd be happy to help you decide what you need for your particular facility and provide a custom quote. 

How long should my lasers last?

Our lasers are factory rated at 8000-10,000 hours with proper installation and timely battery changes.

Will lasers work in the rain?

Waterproof lasers do work in the rain.  You may see a slight reflection off the raindrops in a downpour.

Do I need to remove my system when not in use?

Indoor systems can be installed permanently.  If you need a replacement, we normally have everything you might need on hand.

We recommend removing your outdoor dual laser system during the off season and covering it between events. Insects, birds, rodents, blowing rain and dirt, and curious people could cause damage if left exposed.   We have accessories and ideas for protecting your laser system that will be available on our website soon.

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

Call us anytime at 641-777-6934. If we are not available when you call, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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