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Outdoor/Indoor Green Dot Timer Marking System-Battery, Waterproof

Outdoor/Indoor Green Dot Timer Marking System-Battery, Waterproof

A sizzling green laser dot shows exactly where your electric timer eyes should be positioned.  Once positioned, just push a button to turn on your system.  Then position your electric eyes exactly where they need to be every time without remeasuring or digging in stakes.  Red dot lasers are great for this purpose in indoor arenas, but for outdoors, we highly recommend our waterproof sizzling green dot laser systems.


    This system comes with two battery operated waterproof green dot lasers on precision swivel mounts attached to slotted angle iron bars.  To install, just clamp or otherwise attach a laser bar near each electric eye location.  Position the bright green dot where your electric eye stake would normally be. Each laser requires two AA batteries. We recommend turning on the lasers to position your electric eyes and then turning them off again until you need to reset an electric eye to extend battery life. Regular AA batteries will last up to 9 hours if left on constantly. Lithium AA batteries will last up to 11 hours if left on constantly.  Replace batteries after recommended hours of use.  Low battery power will shorten the exected 8000 hours of laser life.   If you have electricity available, we can easily modify the system to fit your needs.


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