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Outdoor/Indoor Pole Bending System-Electric/Portable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Pole Bending System-Electric/Portable

    This waterproof electric pole bending laser system is portable and easy to install.  Built on slotted angle iron, just install it on a tall, stable surface and plug it in.  Excellent for outdoor, indoor and covered arenas.  This system was a huge hit at the Junior High National Finals Rodeo in Des Moines where bright sunlight flooded the arena floor every morning.  Red Dots just didn't quite cut it there.  Feel free to email or call us to talk about your arena and which system is best for your events.


      This system can be installed at the side of any arena or as high up as you'd like it.  We recommend that your six green dot laser bar be at least 8-10 feet off the ground on a steady structure or pole.  Use clamps, bolts or screws to attach the laser bar and plug it in. Next position a laser dot beside every pole bending base using our precision swivel mounts. At your events, place your poles beside a laser dot, have an official at the end of the arena make sure the poles are straight up and down as usual, and you are ready to go!  No dodging stakes, No pulled stakes, no measuring for stakes.  What a time saver! 


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