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Outdoor/Indoor Barrel Racing Dual Laser System--Electric/Portable
  • Outdoor/Indoor Barrel Racing Dual Laser System--Electric/Portable

    SKU: 0010

    Finally!  An innovative "no-stakes" laser barrel staking system that installs at any level, even at ground level.  You won't need an electrician or an overhead structure of any kind.  Just mount your laser bar on a surface near each barrel that won't move, plug it in, align the lasers and bring on the barrel racers! The system is waterproof so it's great for outdoor arenas, especially muddy ones, as well as covered and indoor arenas.  Install your system permanently or order a carrying case and take it with you from show-to-show.  Click on this link to WATCH OUR  INNOVATIVE DUAL LASER SYSTEM VIDEO on Facebook.


      This system includes three dual laser laser bars with special precision swivel mounts.  The bars are slotted angle iron that you can clamp or bolt in place near each barrel.  Once in place just plug them in and turn them on.  Next, point one waterproof laser at a spot several inches above where your stake would be, and then point the second waterproof laser at the first dot such that the two dots look like one.

      To position your barrel after a tip or drag, set it where the dots are on the center of the barrel and look like just one dot again.  There is one place in the universe where these two dots align, and that is where your barrel belongs!  Check out our video by clicking HERE!


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