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Barrel Stake Finder:  Indoor, Green Dot, Portable, Battery

Barrel Stake Finder: Indoor, Green Dot, Portable, Battery

Our time-saving Barrel Stake Finder system was developed for rodeo judges and producers.  No more digging around in the dirt for buried stakes, just flip a switch and a laser dot will lead you to your buried (stake) treasure!  This easy-to-install system is our brightest for indoor facilities and works great in a covered arena, too, where moisture is not a problem.  Check out our waterproof green dot systems that are great indoors and bright enough to use outdoors, too!

    This Barrel Stake Finder system comes with three laser bars that quickly attach to your arena fence with "C" clamps.  Each bar has a green dot laser on an easy-to-adjust swivel mount and a battery pack.  You will need six high quality AA batteries, and six clamps suitable for the fence or fences where your events are held.

    Attach a laser bar near a barrel stake, point the laser at the stake and tighten the easy-adjust mount.  Turn it on when a stake is missing, and then turn it off for long battery life. 

    Because dirt shifts and ridges during an event, this system alone does not provide accurate barrel placement.  It is intended only to show within a few inches where a stake can be found.


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