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Sizzling Green Dot Timer System-Indoor

Sizzling Green Dot Timer System-Indoor

SKU: 0009

A sizzling green laser dot shows exactly where your each electric timer eye should be positioned.  These dots are brilliant even in the sunniest, brightest arenas. Just place your electric eyes so a dot glows on the top of them and you have perfect positioning every time you have a barrel race! 


    This system comes with two sizzling green dot lasers, two swivel mounts, two adapters and installation instructions.  Please choose an option for steel beams or wood rafters so you receive the best bases for your swivel mounts.  

    Green dot lasers require more power than red dot lasers, so your electrician will install a 110 outlet near each laser mount.  They can be wired to come on with a barrel racing system's lasers, or independently.  If you aren't quite sure what system is best for your situation, just give us a call or shoot us an email.  We'll be happy to help you decide!


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