Custom Sculpted Horse Face Pottery
  • Custom Sculpted Horse Face Pottery

    Horse Hair Pottery with a sculpted horse head on the side starts at $300 per piece.  You can see several examples by clicking on the row of dots below the photo. The hand thrown pieces are usually eight to ten inches tall and are a variety of shapes.  You may have your own horse's hair burned into the clay and for just a little more, we can add personal details like names or phrases on your pottery if you'd like. If you send enough hair, we can add a braid or tassel of hair to your piece, too!  We look forward to creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic artwork for you. Other than the features you may choose, the pottery design is at the discretion of the artist and the fire. Call Sharon @ 641-777-6934 for customizations.

    • Care

      Horse Hair Pottery is beautiful, original artwork. It is porous and should not be used as dinnerware.  Avoid heat extremes, harsh cleansers and abrasives of any kind and your artwork will last forever.

    • Sending Hair

      Send clean horse hair to Sharon Widmer, 5068 215th Street, Deep River, Iowa 52222.  Long tail hair is best but mane hair can also be used.  30 strands are enough for your pottery.  For a braid or tassel, send a chunk of clean hair that is at least as big around as your little finger.  More is better if you have it.

    • Options

      Adding names, braids, lids, etc. makes your pottery even more special.  It also takes a considerable amount of the artist's time so naturally, the price of your pottery increases.  Please call Sharon at 641-777-6934 or send an email (including your telephone number) describing the personalizations that you would like.  She'll work with you to get the details correct and pricing confirmed. A separate invoice will be emailed to you for the options you decide upon.  Sharon's email address is  There is a link at the bottom of each page for your convenience.

    • Shipping

      Shipping requires extra care and padding, so the cost is somewhat more than ordinary shipping.  We are happy to have you pick up your pottery, and happy to ship your custom pottery with care so it arrives safely.


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