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Basic Red Dot Goat Stake Marking System-Waterproof, Indoor

Basic Red Dot Goat Stake Marking System-Waterproof, Indoor

This system is perfect for arenas with sprinkler systems or where rain could blow onto your lasers. Just turn on your goat string laser, and never have to measure or search for a lost stake again. A set of lasers for your timers means extra efficiency and accuracy for reliable arena records!

  • Basic Red Dot Goat Stake Marking System-Waterproof

    This Goat Stake Marking System comes with one waterproof red dot laser on a swivel mount, one adapter and instructions.  Measure where your stake needs to be for the last time, then point the laser dot at that spot and tighten down the swivel mount.  Turn on your goat tying laser to hammer in your stake, and a red dot will mark the spot if your stake gets lost or pulled out.  No worries! 

    You'll need to purchase low voltage wire like 2-wire thermostat or door bell wire at your local hardware or home improvement store.  Speaker wire works, too!  Just plug the adapter into a 110 outlet or power strip  and you are ready to goat tie!  It's easy, too, for your electrician to install a switch wherever it's most handy.


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