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Outdoor/Indoor Green Dot Goat Stake Marking System-Waterproof/Portable

Outdoor/Indoor Green Dot Goat Stake Marking System-Waterproof/Portable

This laser system can be used in outdoor, indoor or covered arenas.  No overhead structure is required. Just fasten its short laser bar to a solid post or beam, point the laser dot where your goat tying stake needs to be, and tighten down the thumb screws on your precision mount.  It's battery operated, so you can just click a switch on the laser bar when you are ready to hammer in a stake or if you need to find a stake when it gets covered up.  How cool is that? Prefer electricity?  No problem, just give us a call and we'll do it for you!

  • Outdoor/Indoor Green Dot Goat Stake Marking System

    This system comes with one waterproof green dot laser on a precision swivel mount attached to a 6" slotted angle iron bar, plus a battery pack with a switch.  To install, just clamp or otherwise attach the laser bar near your goat stake location.  Position the bright green dot where your goat stake will need to be, then run light weight wire, like 2-wire thermostat wire, down to the battery pack/switch.  The system requires two AA batteries. 

    We recommend turning on the laser to position or find your stake and then turning it off again until you need it again to extend battery life. Regular AA batteries will last up to 9 hours if left on constantly. Lithium AA batteries will last up to 11 hours if left on constantly.  Replace batteries after recommended hours of use.  Low battery power will shorten the expected 8000 hours of laser life.  Prefer electric? We can do that instead, just give us a call.


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