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Sharon Widmer sold her pottery studio in 1987, knowing in her heart that some day she'd make pottery again.  Thirty years later she decided to make Christmas gifts for her children by going to her friends' studio to make them  some pottery.  The rest is history.

"I just couldn't stop smiling when I started throwing on the wheel again. 

               I'd forgotten how much I loved working with clay."

After posting pictures of a few of the Christmas gifts on Facebook, a friend asked her if she could make a gift of horse hair pottery for her brother.  Sharon turned to YouTube for instructional videos and dived into the media.  She loved the process and being a cowgirl herself, loved making pottery commemorating the special horses that God has let us ride. 

Sharon loves creating other kinds of personalized horsehair pottery; for example the Walleye urn she made with a spinner from her Dad's fishing reel and his favorite walleye lure and the slender vase with her grandfather's silver dollar bolo tie wrapped around its neck.  Her "Personal Pottery" holds memories, and that is why it is special.

Sharon would be pleased for you to own a piece of her fine art pottery.  She invites you to browse her gallery and would be honored to create a very special, personal piece of pottery for you. 

Sharon Widmer Clay Artist
5068 215th Street
Deep River, IA 52222

Phone: 641-595-3903     Mobile: 641-777-6934
Email: widmer.sharon@gmail.com